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Celebrate your employees with personalized
gifts or experiences, wherever they are
around the world.

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Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Capture all the moments that matter with a gift of meaning.
Reward and recognize your employees with personalized gifts they’re sure to love.

Over 1000+ employee gift options to choose from and it doesn’t stop there!
Our catalog keeps on growing as we continue meeting new employees, each with their own unique interests.
We are dedicated to matching the best gift, gift card, or experience to your employees.

Matching personalized gifts for employees at

Unika’s all-in-One Dashboard

Get A Complete 360° View

Get an instant view into every one of your employees’ experiences in real time via your own personalized dashboard.

Enjoy the simplicity of planning, managing, tracking and reviewing every employee experience, all in one place.

Employee gifting – How it works

The Unika platform allows you to easily personalize gifts for employees in just 3 easy steps.
It takes only two minutes to register.

Unique, creative gift ideas, automated birthday and anniversary gifts, branded company swag,
the best gift ideas on a budget…For all of your employee gifting needs- we’ve got it covered.

Step 1: Onboard Employees

Step 2: Personalization Questionnaire

Step 3: Employee Feedback

Upload a list of your employees in just one click. Send each of them a message inviting them to register to the platform and complete their questionnaire.

Each employee will receive a link to their very own questionnaire, where we capture important information such as their birthday, work anniversary, personal interests & more.

Review the ratings and feedback direct from your employees, for each and every experience. Feel good in knowing that your gift was personal and made a true impact.

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Create a long-lasting, meaningful impact through a legendary employee experience.

The 4 Pillars of Unika Logo



A safe space dedicated to hearing & amplifying the employee voice.



Leverage data and gain valuable insights into who your employees are and how they feel.



Recognize & celebrate the people behind your employees. Every special chance you get.



Create a sense of belonging through purposeful touch points.

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The difference between a gift and a gift they really want.

“Employees are so excited about their birthday gifts!
They’re surprised to get such a thoughtful gift, and they know there was a lot of thought put into it. You guys are awesome!”

Hadas, HR Manager @ EyeControl

Make Every Experience A Personal Celebration

Throw out the boring gift cards and give them something that truly speaks to their individuality. Making every experience more personal and unique will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Person Behind
The Employee

Capture meaningful insights into your employees’ preferences, goals, and feedback. Leverage this data to build long-term, impactful systems around your people that drive your organization’s growth and success.

Hassle Free Execution

Think of us as your personal 24/7, rockstar assistant! We choose each gift and experience, find the right vendors, and even handle shipping – all you have to do is approve with one click.

Transform your employee experience with personalized gifts & experiences.

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